KIPE Annual Conference in 2018

Korea Institute of Power Electronics Annual Conference(KIPE) 2018

1. Date : 2018.07.03-2018.07.06

2. Place : Willihillipark, Dunnae-myeon, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do, Korea.

3. Oral Presentations

1. Switching Algorithm for Improving Power Conversion Efficiency of Three-Phase Dual Active Bridge Converter under Light Load Conditions.

2. Operational Principles and Decoupled Power Control of Three-Ports Half Bridge Converter for DC Microgrid System

3. Design Methodology of Series Resonant Converter for Heating Non-ferromagnetic pot

4. Design Considerations of Bidirectional Flyback Converter for PV Differential Power Processing Modules

5. LLC Resonant Converter using Spread Spectrum Technique for Reducing EM Noise

6. Isolated Three-Level Voltage Balancer for Bipolar LVDC Distribution System

7. A new switching method to improve energy transfer efficiency of active cell balancing circuits using multi winding transformer