LAB. Introduction


Research Interests

- Power electronics, Smart power interface, Intelligent control & simulation systems

1. High efficiency power conversion & interface technology for smart grid and renewable energy
2. Various power converters & inverters, motor control & diagnosis for consumer electronics and electric vehicles
3. Real-time and power hardware-in-the-loop simulation (PHILS) for various power systems and energy sources
4. Electrical modeling and advanced control theory for various power conversion systems

Ongoing Research Topics

1. High-density power conversion & management, motor control & diagnosis for high-efficiency consumer electronics & green electric vehicles
2. Bidirectional power conversion for  low/medium voltage micro/nano grid systems
3. Power hardware-in-the-loop simulation (PHILS) for power systems and renewable energy sources
4. High efficiency & smart power conversion for wireless power transmission (WPT)
5. Various electric applications including induction heating, display devices, semiconductors, and electric vehicles.