LAB. Introduction


Research Interests

- Power Electronics, Smart Power Interface, Intelligent Control & Simulation Systems

1. High-Frequency Power Interface:

- High-frequency power conversion using wide-band gap (WBG) devices
- Hybrid power control algorithm for various power conversion applications
- EMI reduction techniques using spread spectrum modulation

2. Resonant Power Interface:

- Resonant power conversion using resonant networks
- High-efficiency resonant converters for consumer electronics
- Resonant inverters for wireless power transfer & induction heating applications

3. Bidirectional Power Interface:

- Bidirectional power converters for smart transformer, smart grid & DC microgrid
- Multi-Level power converters for LV and MV DC distribution systems

4. Real-time and Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) Simulation:

- Power network emulations for various grid, distributed power sources, and EV load
- Power HIL simulation for fast-prototyping and real/virtual hybrid testing

5. Energy-related Power Interface:

- BMS and ESS power conversions for various battery applications
- Energy harvesting power circuits for small energy sources

6. Advanced Digital Control and Signal Processing Techniques for Power Electronics.